FDA - Drilling Machine


  • The foam block is put onto the conveyor belt and pulled-in by the machine
  • in the spraying unit the surface of the foam block is sprayed with a non-silicone-containing slip additive
  • interior and exterior diameter of the roller are being drilled at the same time
  • in case of a drilled through interior diameter the cores could be blown out in this unit
  • in the pluck-out unit the inner cores are being torn out and ejected
  • at the removal unit the drilled holes must be controlled and the foam block can be transported on to a gluing machine connected thereafter via a roller transport



  • maximum economy
  • high flexibility
  • simple operation
  • high capacity
  • production security
  • very low change-over time

Technical data

with roller length 100 mm

Capacity up to 3000 resp. 6000 rollers per hour*
Material dimensions height max. 185 mm
width 300 mm resp. 500 mm
length 2500 mm
Drill ext. diam. 34 - 38 mm **
int. diam. 14 - 18 mm**
Drives infinitely variable
Power supply 400 V / 50 Hz
Air supply 6 bar
Control pulse motor control with PLC and touch screen
Accessories spray unit SPE-500

* depending on the material, foam block width and roller length
** different diameters upon demand