PIM - Flat paintbrush handle inserting and stapling machine


  • The brush-head is fed from an adjustable magazine and clamped simultaneously.
  • The brush-handle is pushed into the brush-head from and adjustable magazine.
  • The paint brush is stapled by two aggregates working simultaneously from the top and the bottom.
  • The brush is shifted and stapled again (Up to max. 4 staples possible).
  • The brush is transported from the machine by means of an integrated conveyor.
  • If required the brush can be printed in the machine (tampon-, hotprint-, thermo-transfer- or ink jet printer).



  • maximum economy
  • high flexibility
  • simple operation
  • high capacity
  • production security
  • very low cleaning time
  • low cost production of the staples from wire coil
  • continuous setting of staple distance
  • choice of brush program from a touch screen
  • option: integrated printing-equipment, installation of a packing machine

Technical data

Capacity up to 2000 brushes per hour*
Dimensions of brushes width of brushes 15 - 100 mm
thickness of brushes 6 - 25 mm
Power supply 400 V / 50 Hz
Control pulse motor control with PLC and touch screen
Total connected load 0,75 KW
Air supply 6 bar
Size of staples 5 x 5 x 5 mm
Distance between staples max. 60 mm
Size of wire 0,9 x 0,65 mm

* depending on the skill of the operator resp. on the amount of staples required