RCA 100 - Paint roller assembly automat for Radiator Rollers

The machine consists of two carousels and one transfer station, two vibration hoppers and a long tube magazine. Each carousel can have up to 10 stations. The rollers can be made closed (folded) from one side, or not closed at all then caps are pressed from both sides. The machine is equipped with a very sophisticated control system with graphic control. The machine is designed for processing and assembly of radiator rollers (MINI). First the machine cuts the rollers from a long tube to a certain length, then sorts off the cuttings, after that the rollers are milled from inside, repeatedly heated up. Special jaws close following the assembly with the adapter, bearing or with cap.


Powerful and reliable

  • Great efficiency
  • High production capacity
  • Integrated remote control


The machine consists of individual stations

  • Cutting the tube
  • Sorting of residues
  • Internal diameter milling
  • 3 x heating
  • Closing the end of the roller
  • Repeated heating
  • Assembly of adapter with clamp (bearing)
  • Assembly the adapter in the roller
  • Assembly the cap
  • 2 x brushing
  • Ejecting

Some stations are considered as reserve stations and can be retrofitted according to the customer's wishes. Also, mounting the adapter with the bearing does not always have to take place directly on the machine and this operation can be performed on another device.

Technische Daten

performance up to 1200 pcs/hour, depending on size and condition of the material
length of final roller 50 - 150 mm
tube length 1100 - 3000 mm
inner diameter of the roller 13 - 14 mm
control  industrial PC with touch screen
power supply 400 V / 50 Hz (60 Hz)
air supply 6 bar 

CE safety standard.

Machine is for 1 interior roller diameter.