DM 250 - Entgratmaschine


  • simply and very quickly deburring all types of profiles (including the inner edges) by a wheel brush
  • compared to manual deburring, lower costs due to shorter time and higher deburring quality
  • motor starter with undervoltage protection
  • effective burr removal
  • the possibility of installing an extraction system



Our brushes are fully optimised to the required applications

  • deburring brushes with abrasive filaments for the processing of plastics, stainless and aluminium
  • deburring brushes with steel or stainless wires for the processing of steel and stainless parts

Technische Daten

Speed of grinding wheel 1435 U/min
Motor power 2,2 kW
Machine weight 40 kg
Machine dimensions ( w x d x h) 450 x 455 x 320 mm


Wheel brush dimensions for the machine

Outer diameter 250 / 300* mm
Width over tube 50 / 100* mm
Brush working width 60 / 110* mm
Clamping hole ø 50,80 mm
Drive grooves 2 x 12,7 x 6,85 mm